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Make Money Create Blogger AND WordPress


Many of you know what a blog is about. Even if you do not know, a blog is a kind of website, so if you are reading this article on my website it is a blog site or blog website.

That means the kind of websites that publish articles or posts or blogs are called blog websites.

Thousands of visitors visit these sites every day (who enter the site to read different posts), because they have written on various topics that people need.

Every day some people need it. And regularly writing blogs about good new topics. As a result, the popularity of their sites is increasing day by day.
And as their popularity grows,

they are getting the opportunity to promote different types of ads on their site.

There are numerous advertiser websites to advertise on the blog from where anyone can advertise for their own website.

The most popular and trusted of these is Google Adsense. Most websites around the world have opted in to Google Adsense.

When Google Adsense shows on a blog, visitors to that blog see the ads and click on those ads, which gives Google Adsense money to those website owners.

It should be noted here that the more people enter that site,

the more visitors enter the site will be more likely to get more ad clicks and the more clicks will be the more money you earn.

What to do and how to create a blog site.

Now the thing is you can create a blog site in your own name if you wish. Then you can write a topic on your blog and bring visitors to your blog with more shares. But for that you must have a lot of patience. And more and more new articles are regularly posted on your site.

This can be a source of livetime income for you if you can get a good amount of visits through a good post and a lot of shares, giving your site a little trouble in the beginning.

And now, creating a blogsite is not difficult. Anyone can create a website completely free of charge. However or if you want a livetime repot,

it is best to buy. But first you can start with free.

From creating a blogsite to doing all the work of the site can now be done through a mobile phone.

You can create a website in just 5 minutes from your mobile phone and use it today. WordPress, Blogger can be the right solution for building a website.


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