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Samsung Galaxy A70 Review – With the Samsung Galaxy A70 review we complete the overview of Samsung’s mid-range for 2019, a year in which the Korean brand has shown itself as very determined to regain important market shares.

It seems that the goal has been achieved with important sales volumes for A40 and A50, which were liked for the clever mix between technical data and low price.

A70 is instead larger and equipped with the excellent Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 processor and 4500 mAh of battery, two elements that make it immediately interesting, along with a street price that is gradually settling on the 300 Euro.

Design & Ergonomics of Samsung Galaxy A70

The dimensions are absolutely the most challenging aspect for Samsung Galaxy A70 (164.3 x 76.7 x 7.9 mm), strong with a large battery and a generous screen, but inevitably bulky and uncomfortable to use.
In general, however, all that concerns design, materials, and ergonomics have not convinced us. The plastic of the back cover fills with fingerprints and lines in a few days, it also immediately transmits the feeling of an economic product, the lack of impermeability passes but the same rear design completely lacks originality.

If for Samsung Galaxy A50 (review) we had turned a blind eye to the build quality, for A70 instead the judgment can only be negative, considering also the list price higher than 400 Euro.
And to say that until a year ago, with Galaxy A8, Samsung was a reference on the mid-range for the care and solidity of its devices, often waterproof and always made with noble materials.

In all this, the positive aspect is certainly the display, a 6.7-inch FullHD Super AMOLED, with a small central drop notch.
A satisfying, bright and brilliant screen. You can see the difference with the top of the range in the colored reflections that you can see by tilting the surface, with the setting of the “vivid” colors the result is a bit unrealistic, while we can get a more faithful calibration by setting the “natural” profile.

Functionality of Galaxy A70

On Samsung Galaxy A70 we find the One UI based on Android 9.0 Pie, by far one of the most complete and appreciated software on the Android scene.

Compared to the version with which the top of the range Galaxy S10 is equipped, here there is no possibility to activate the haptic feedback for the touch on the navigation keys, absent also some display calibration options.
For the rest nothing is missing, you can then take advantage of many functions related to energy saving, multitasking, gaming, to which is added the usual part of customization.

The graphical interface is very accurate, but there is no possibility of reducing the size of the various elements beyond a certain limit (screen zoom), this entails a UI that is always too large and a little unbalanced on the large diagonal of 6.7 inches.

As for the multimedia part, the level is more than good, there is a port for the audio jack while the system audio is output by the only speaker.
Excellent slot equipment, with two nano sims always accessible even by inserting the memory expansion, the signal reception is slightly subdued, but overall the connectivity and sensors sector does not disappoint.

Performance Of Samsung A70

The performance of just enough Samsung Galaxy A50 has increased expectations on the big brother A70, equipped with a better processor and more RAM, the protagonist of today’s review can indeed count on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 and 6 GB of LPDDR4 RAM, also has of 128 GB in the only planned cut.

Well, the expectations were not betrayed and finally, we have a Samsung mid-range that follows the operations given by the user without uncertainty, also good temperature management, always under control despite the high summer temperature.

We encountered some problems with Asphalt 9, while with other games the A70 proved to be up to the task.

Net of the good performance of this smartphone, the One UI once again proves to be hard to digest, the first few minutes in the company of a Samsung will immediately give you the idea of ​​a product a little slower than usual, also valid for A70 and for the top of the range, then you get used to it.

However, it is to be hoped that Samsung will be able to fix this chronic indecision of its smartphones.

Having rejected the fingerprint reader under the display, too often requires new reading and if the fingertip is not perfectly dry (just a little sweat) the recognition will fail.

As a partial solution, there is the unlock with 2D face recognition, effective with good light but unsafe and unusable at night.

Camera Fatures

On the back of the Samsung Galaxy A70, we find a 32 MP F / 1.7 main sensor, flanked by an 8 MP F / 2.2 wide-angle lens and a 5 MP depth sensor, 32 MP frontally again.
The photos are not bad, higher than the younger brothers of the Galaxy A line, especially during the day, a circumstance in which the detail is present and the natural bokeh effect is soft and pleasant in the macros.
At night the quality drops dramatically, you feel the lack of optical stabilization and a dedicated night mode.

The wide-angle camera can be used only outdoors and in broad daylight, the perspective provided is beautiful but the quality leaves much to be desired.
Good videos, up to 4K resolution at 30 fps, with the best results obtained in FullHD at 30 fps, when you can also take advantage of advanced digital stabilization.

We liked the selfies, with and without bokeh effect, a pleasant confirmation that puts the A70 among the best smartphones for selfies.

Battery & Autonomy

The 4500 mAh battery allows you to arrive at the end of the day without problems, perhaps we expected a little more, but we certainly can’t complain about the 6 full hours of active display covered in about 1 and a half days of activity.

In Conclution

We arrive at the final stages of the review of Samsung Galaxy A70, proposed at 419 Euro list, but already available at around 100 Euro less.

Taken individually it is not a particularly attractive phone, very large and wire too expensive for the average customer, however, given the prospect of completing the A range, then it takes on a completely different connotation.
It is an alternative to the A50 for those who want a widescreen, good performance and a quiet battery, better than its smaller siblings from different points of view, but with some elements that make it come out of the sights of those looking for something more.

In short, it is a good product and ends there, but when it reaches just over 300 Euros, it risks recalling a lot of undecided people, so it can be the safest and most sensible choice in a sea of ​​Chinese proposals.

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