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Review of Xiaomi Mi A3 : between ups and downs knows how to please

Review Xiaomi Mi A3

Review Xiaomi Mi A3 – Xiaomi continues to churn out interesting smartphones and after Mi 9 SE and Mi 9T is the turn of an Android One: Xiaomi Mi A3. It is the successor of last year’s Mi A2 and Mi A2 Lite, devices that have firmly gained a position in our guide to the best Android smartphones since its launch.

Xiaomi Mi A3 is proposed on the market at 249 euros and for this figure has several positive things but also some trimming, so let’s see how it behaves in practice, in everyday use, in our review.

Design & Ergonomics

Can Xiaomi Mi A3 be called a compact smartphone? Not really if we look at the numbers: 153.48 x 71.85 x 8.5 mm, but alongside the numerous recently presented “frying pan” figures. In everyday use, however, it is a device that is pleasant to hold and use with one hand, has no sharp edges, the physical buttons are within reach of the thumb and the fingerprint sensor is below the display which is easily accessible. In short, the ergonomics are decidedly good even though we are talking about a smartphone with a large 6-inch display.

However, it is the display that divides the community: it has HD resolution and, you can see it. If you do not have a keen eye you will not notice anything but if like me, pay attention to the details you will not struggle to notice it. In the circular icons and on the edges of the screen the low density of pixels and the type of matrix (pentile) is noted.
For the rest, it tends to saturate the colors a little and the excursion of brightness has a limited range, especially downwards (but it is still visible under the sun). Is it a screen to fail? Absolutely not, it is still a nice panel to look at and if we think about the fingerprint sensor drowned under the display, some defect can be forgiven.

The materials with which the smartphone is made are glass on the front and on the back, plastic on the edges, a good mix that should ensure durability and resistance, however, it has no certification against water and dust.

Aesthetically the back is shiny and, as the fashion of these times claims, sufficiently ” sparkling ” reflecting light in a particular way, the photographic module instead protrudes but only a few mm.

Finally, you cannot notice the writings placed horizontally that bring to mind several Huawei / Honor branded smartphones to which Xiaomi has definitely been inspired.

Functionality of Xiaomi Mi A3

The software of Xiaomi Mi A3, as previously mentioned, is Android One or Android stock. Those who prefer a minimal and clean operating system, without added applications, this program by Google is certainly preferable above all because it also offers security in terms of updates (2 major updates) and patches (3 years of support).

Among the features, we also include the fingerprint sensor under the display: when the screen is in standby it is always ready for recognition and is therefore very responsive, however it is not as fast in unlocking speed, negligible if we think back to the launch price of the smartphone. Still, on the subject of safety, there is also the release with the face, obviously 2D.

At the software level, there is no particular addition of Xiaomi apart from the camera application that allows you to take advantage of the two main sensors and make a very credible 2x zoom by interpolating the pixels.

Performance Of MI A3

Xiaomi Mi A3 has a respectable hardware: Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 processor, 4 GB of RAM, 64 GB of internal memory, 3.5 mm audio port, IR sensor, Wifi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac, Bluetooth 5.0 , Type-C port, GPS + GLONASS + GALILEO and LTE. The NFC is missing, for many an important gap, and wireless charging.

Overall, it is a smartphone that runs very well, also thanks to the simple software that does not have any amenities that could weigh it down. The lack of a more powerful processor like the Snapdragon 710 would be felt only in the loading of games or particularly heavy applications where it takes only a few seconds more but, once opened, run smoothly without problems.

Camera Performence

The photographic compartment of Xiaomi Mi A3 is partially inherited from Mi 9 also finding here the IMX582 module: the main sensor is 48 megapixel f / 1.7, the second sensor is 8 megapixel f / 2.2 ultra-wide-angle while the third 2 megapixels sensor f / 2.4 for depth of field; on the front, however, the camera is 32 megapixel f / 2.0. Only the telephoto lens is missing, supplanted by a software device that allows 2x zoom by interpolating the pixels of the first sensor.

Given the price range we cover, we can call it a good camera phone: the photos are very pleasant, have a good balance and a good color calibration. The weak points of Mi A3 are the strong contrasts, which it handles with difficulty, and in low light conditions as it presents an excessive image noise, partly solvable using the night mode of the Camera app. The wide-angle sensor then allows more creativity with a decent quality while the 2x interpolated zoom really works very well.
Where the Xiaomi camera app does not arrive, it compensates for the Google Camera; to say that it also makes the impossible possible is almost reductive, as some images realized in complete darkness. Net of software bugs, since it is still a port, Google Camera often manages to perform miracles especially for a smartphone in this price range. Here are some shots.

Very good selfies even with the portrait mode, managing to create a credible blur effect. Very good videos at 1080p, with a slight digital stabilization, while in 4K there must be some youth bugs resulting too shaky.

Battery & Autonomy

Autonomy is one of the strengths of Xiaomi Mi A3. The 4030 mAh battery, the poorly defined display and the processor (Snapdragon 665) are a perfect trio to contain consumption and offer many hours of screen on. With a full charge, you can close a working day in complete tranquility, even reaching almost two days of use with a more contained use. Speaking in terms of figures, it is not difficult to arrive between 6 and 8 hours on the screen.

In conclusion

Xiaomi Mi A3 is available from July 25th at a list price of 249 euros. All in all a good price if we weigh all the pros and cons on the scale, perhaps not as exciting as other recent Xiaomi launches but it remains a very valid and highly recommended product.

It is officially available in the Mi Stores and at the electronic chains while on Amazon and Mi Store online the time is not expected, except for imported products.


  1. The Xiaomi Mi A3 phone is not bad, but the price is still high. For under $ 200, we find quite a few phones with similar features. For example, the OPPO Realme 3 Pro or Lenovo Z6 Lite is more powerful with a Snapdragon 710 processor and the battery size is similar. I would raise a few more dollars and buy the Xiaomi Mi 9T, which overcomes the Mi A3.


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