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Scam Earning Sites List | Stay Far From Fake Site

Scam Earning Sites List

Scam & Fake Earning Sites List Never Pay Against Work

In this smart generation we all use smartphone and laptop. We pass our lot’s of time in social media also. By social media people can scam with us easily because we all not know about total web.

Some greedy team always going to scam with us from long time ago. But we are general people. We can’t do anything against those scammer. We lost our time, our work and sometime money also. After end of your work those website they close down their website or they couldn’t complete your last task for payment. It’s their Scam policy.

Then they start a new website with new name, design and lot of more. This isn’t everything that was in previous website. But they did not stop to do scam. When this we use large of profit on their site in small work you immediately start work there for large profit without hard work. To make lot of referell for this company. But finally they didn’t pay you for your work.
So you’ll always need to stay far from this type of sites. They just using us for their profit, nothing more.

How To Confirm Site Scam Or Not

If you have small knowledge about online you can justify scam or real sites. There is thousand of way to confirm about scam or real sites. See, there is no money without work. If some sites want to provide you high revenue without work that’s totally a scam site 100% sure. They will show you high joining bonus. High referral commission by your link. There is now sites will provide you revenue just click on referral link but some website show you a lot of revenue just share link on social sites. They keep lot of restriction to withdraw payment and will show you some policy that mean if you do something wrong they could block you and never pay your amount.

You can cheek their website rank also in Alexa Traffic Rank then you could understand how nanny traffic rank of this website. You could search that website name on you-tube also. Because there is some channel they make video after getting scam from those sites.

I will provide you list of scam sites of earning. So you always keep distance from listed scam websites.

List Of Scam Earning Sites






This List will be more big by your support. Our research in always on about scam sites. If someone got scam for some sites that not listed in here please contact with us and give some details about those sites. Then we will list those site also in here. If you have any question please comments bellow.

Really want to work in PTC site?

There is some real PTC site there you can work and earn real money. But if you want to earn $100 in first day or week so, PTC sites is not for you. If you want to earn from PTC site you have work here then you could earn money a lot. Here you have to work daily and also need to referrer people also. When you will refer like 50-60 people then you could easily earn $5-$10 daily by work in a ptc site. You never earn only from referral. You must have to work here also. But that for only two minute. If you miss work any day you could not ge paid from referral also. If you really work here they will pay you 100% sure.

There have Many platform you could work really and you will be paid also by those company. One Of This Is Ojooo. This is world biggest PTC site there can you work as part time. If you can make your carrier here and can make large quantity of referral you could earn $20 per day also.


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