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Xioami Mi Band 4 Smart Fitness Tracker | Smart life

Xiaomi mi band 4
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Xioami Mi Band 4, Fitness Tracker With AMOLED Color Display.

This Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is a smart band to use your hand. Its best alternative of a smart watch or bracelet. There is lot of brilliant technology used in this smart band. Xiaomi mi smart band work as your smart assistant.

It could update you everything about your daily life. It’s also a health tracker also for care about your health. This is very special for heart rate meter. It is band you will use in your personal life for many essential issue.

It will also update you about your work health and more information an your need. More Information you could informed in your mobile app.

What is Truly Xiaomi Smart Band 4?

To continue with this generation we always need to stay updated with time. If we couldn’t update myself with current time then we must go back generation. But if you are in here I know you always stay smarter yourself with new generation with time. In this time we always use multiple smart gadget for make our life more easy and creative. Smart gadget of new generation always help us in different way. In all of smart gadget Xiaomi Launch their very very important gadget for smart people. That is Xiaomi mi Band 4 . This is a future gadget of new generation. It’s improve our outlook and also make us fit in health condition also. This is a smart Band That Truly water proof under 50m and dust proof. You can use this gadget your full day. This compatible with any type of work, gaming, swimming any type of use.

If you are doing any type of super hard work this band will take your heart rate and update you also as well.
When you are running or walking this band you track your way. Provide your report how long distance you walked. Have any other special feature that five core data steps can help you improve power of walking efficiency.

  • AMOLED Color Display 0.95″
  • Regulation: 120*240 Pixels
  • Screen Brightness label up to 450 nits
  • Tempered Glass: 2.5D


  • Battery capacity: 135mAh
  • One Charge: Up to 20 days
  • Recharging Time: 2 hours

Other Features

  • Alarm clock
  • DND mode
  • Find phone
  • Event reminder

Screen & Battery Performance Of This Smart Band

This smart band has 0.95″ bigger color screen displays a comprehensive and obvious activity information. Simply lift your wrist to view directly the time and tap the button for steps. It will provide you heart rate and other activity information of your body. Also it can not only remind you via vibrating when your phone receives calls, messages or other notifications such as from Facebook, Twitter, or We Chat, but also displays details on the color screen directly.

Mi Smart Band built in 135mAh Lithium ion polymer battery. Once charge it, the battery will last for over 20 days under normal use. Skin-friendly strap made from soft thermoplastic elastomer. secure locking mechanism that makes the Mi Band 4 comfortable to wear during low and high intensity activities

Swimming With Mi Band 4

This smart waterproof band can work well 50m under water for this reason it can fulfill all your daily routines. Whether you are surfing, swimming or running in the rain, showing swimming time, speed, distance, calories and other data. You can use cold and hot shower also with this band. but very hot or boil water can damage any device. Keep it far from boiled water.

Fitness Tracking & Connectivity Xiaomi Mi Band 4

This Proper heart rate tracker  will inform you about your heart rate  24 hour. You will be able to cheek your Dynamic chert of your heart rate on app by analyzing the data thoroughly such as sleep time, sleep depth, driving to improve sleep quality. When you very busy to any type of matter this band will remind your medicine time with massage in vibrate mode. You could use any type of reminder also.

This device connect with Bluetooth 5.0. You can connect this devise with android 4.4 to upper and IOS 9.0 to upper. You can cheek everything of your smartphone on your smart band such an any notification, massages, calls and all of notification that available in your smartphone.

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Uses Facility Of This band

I think everyone need to use this type of Smart Gadget. Because it’s not only for show up it’s very essential also and a part of daily life. Every-time we can met remind anything in our personal work, office work or business everywhere you must need it. When you feel it’s needed for you? Actually when you will know truly about this full product then you should buy this product must. When you will use this product and get features of this band then you will know how needed was this for you. Because this product is not a single purpose, it’s a product of multipurpose use.

Do you know? Reminder is a very special features. How great will be then, when your hand watch will suggest you what you have to do now. Life will be more easy with this smart band. Heart rate tracker very useful for your health. It will be also great when your bracelet I will provide you your heart rate map. Keep yourself always app about your health by using this band. You could also update after full days work. You can know what you did in full days.

Must know how many time you walked, how long was distance also. Here will show every single notification for message of your phone in your smart band. So, no need to open your smartphone for reading that or see that. You could see incoming and outgoing call also.
Overall this smart band is needed for every single person who always try to stay updated with time and generation.

Explain After Review

This Review Of Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is completely for smart devise lover. This smart devise is essential for everybody who loves to wear smart gadget all of time and keep their look stylish and stay updated with time. It could be a best gift item also.

Buying Guide Of Xiaomi Mi Band 4

If you are satisfied and you know all of things about this product in our review just click buy now button below and by this product from world largest e-commerce platform Amazon. in my recommended link you will get original Xiaomi MI Band 4. There will be many another alternative of this product but I am not sure about that product that’s original or not. So you must buy this product that I recommend you in buy now button.

If you are not satisfied by reading our review you can contact with us directly. Our support team is always ready to give you 24 hours service. You can ask here about any type of question. Our support team must answer your question instantly.


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